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Perfect food every time!

Steve, 10 Nov 2019

Denisa, 07 Nov 2019

Great service fast delivery

Helen, 07 Nov 2019


Sophie, 29 Oct 2019

Fast and easy through online order

Jony M Corbafo, 27 Oct 2019

Very nice

Louis, 27 Oct 2019

Would be good to be able to order a chicken kebab with doner meat. Large on Nan.

Bernard, 26 Oct 2019

  Reply : You could order a Babylon special and request to have 2 chicken and Doner :)

Always spot on! Love the Babylon Special Kebab!

Steve, 26 Oct 2019

Very good

Andrea, 26 Oct 2019

Very good

Andrea, 26 Oct 2019

Very good x

Andrea, 26 Oct 2019


Adam, 25 Oct 2019

Very friendly staff and always great food!

David, 22 Oct 2019


Joleane, 18 Oct 2019


Joleane, 18 Oct 2019

Great food

Angela, 13 Oct 2019

Fast fast thanks

Milan, 12 Oct 2019

Had two orders now and good food

Adam, 12 Oct 2019

Very quikly with this online option

Jony, 06 Oct 2019


Kyle, 05 Oct 2019


Itz, 05 Oct 2019

I always order from here because of how good the food is and how good the taste is

Livy, 04 Oct 2019

Very good very nice

Gary, 27 Sep 2019

Would like to try even more milkshake flavours, omelettes, as well as Snugburys Ice Creams in a wide range of flavours. A wider range of curries, flavoured chicken too if there is a large demand for this kind of thing. I would demand it, why not supply it? All the best anyway to a company that delivers fantastic customer service.

Andrew Yeomans, 27 Sep 2019

Brilliant service and food...again. Thanks!!

Andy, 24 Sep 2019

Always on time and food always consistent and tasty

Jill, 11 Sep 2019